Our Team

J. José Vergés, S.A. has reached the position of prestige and leadership that holds to this day, thanks to each and every employee within it. For that reason we place the development of competencies, skills training and management opportunities in the center of the attention in our people management.

Our Human Resources department places special emphasis and the required resources to identify and promote the talent of our employees, based on equal opportunities and full respect for diversity. Only through such knowledge we can provide a global service fully professional and specialized.

We know the added value of commitment and linking employee with the company. Therefore, all share the same vision and the same values, and our management and sales team has a great responsibility to deliver them to our customers.

José Vergés

General and Commercial Manager

Eduardo Tor

General and Production Manager

Imanol Elguea

Commercial Manager for Europe and CIS

Antonio García

Commercial Manager for Spain and Portugal

Aníbal Mercader

Trade advisor for the rest of the world

Angélica Sánchez

Customer Service. Export Department

Miquel Ribas

Customer Service. Export Department

Montse Prades

Customer Service. Export Department

José Enrique Romero

Customer Service. National Commerce Department

José Luis Rivera

Sales Manager North Area