Marketing and Merchandising

Marketing and Global Strategy
J. José Vergés has always set high goals in everything related to the strategy to publicize and market their products. To do this, we have not only had great designers and engineers, but also an experienced marketing department seeking at all times to achieve a continuous and sustained expansion of Estamp brand and its products throughout the world and, above all , to be closer to our customers.

Proof of this are the communication campaigns and, even more, the investment and contribution with our own resources to make Estamp products present, year after year, in the most prestigious international fairs and events in our field.

At Estamp we have a full and qualified team dedicated to the relationship with the distributor, in order to advise them of the best commercial options for their points of sale.
We offer them a wide variety of tools that can help them to get to know our product and, simultaneously, make our products known.

Display box for knobs

An original and striking display
The new Estamp display is specially designed to promote the 9 knobs indicated at the point of sale. An original design to capture the attention of the buyer and at the same time very functional for a better organization of the seller. It is a modern and novel display, with compact dimensions (285x295x157 mm closed and 285x455x157 mm open), ideal to place it at the sale-point, as a desktop display.

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Display cabinet

A single furniture, all styles
The new Display Cabinet Estamp comes equipped with a selection of their best selling pieces in the market.
A furniture in a modern design, of great versatility and quality, that creates an attractive space in your sale point.

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Swiveling 3-faced display

A great display for a great product
With a height of 190 cm and 3 swiveling faces of 53 cm width, this great Estamp display, made of high quality aluminum, is the best way to present a wide range of our products in shops, showrooms, exhibitions, etc.

Wall displays

To Display with Elegance
Conceived for installation in walls for exhibitions and sale points and in two sizes available of 40x90 cm and 38,5x50 cm, the Estamp displays made in PVC have been designed to show a good number of handles and knobs in an elegant and attractive way.