Our products regularly undergo tests and analysis at the LGAI Technological Center Applus + laboratories, and have an accredited ENAC Certifying brand in compliance with the Proprietary Certification System PR-0371/014 which certifies the compliance of the demanding standard European UNE -IN 1670: 2007 at its highest degrees.

This high quality certified for the ESTAMP handles ensures their durability in the very long term. However, proper maintenance and basic cleaning tips will help to keep their good looks unchanged throughout the years.

These maintenance tips depend on the environment in which the parts are installed, as well as the material and finishes in which they are manufactured.


In the kitchen, grease, fumes and food can be great enemies of the handles that decorate our furniture. To prevent deterioration it is essential to avoid using the same abrasive cleaners and solvents used for the other elements in the kitchen. A simple cloth slightly moistened with water is sufficient.

Installing metal or stainless steel handles and finishes in chrome, brushed nickel or painted in any color are the most suitable in modern kitchens for their high resistance. In rustic or classic kitchens we can install handles in other materials such as wood, porcelain, or also metallic in rustic finishes. All of them, with proper care, will ensure great durability.


The bathroom is a space of our homes where heat and humidity must be taken into account when choosing hardware. It is for this reason that the knobs, handles, hangers or lever handles for showers made of stainless steel are highly recommended for their high resistance. However, depending on the style of bathroom furniture, we can also use materials such as metal, wood, porcelain or even glass or resin and, as for the finishes, we can choose rustic or modern. To clean them we should also use a cloth moistened with water.


For these rooms so special we have a wide range of knobs with various children's motives and in different colors. All of them are made of resin and enamel of the highest quality without any toxicity. They are also completely resistant to any cleaning product, so we can use the same that we use to clean the furniture in the room.


In the other rooms of our home, the atmosphere is usually much less abrasive, so that in principle we can install handles in any material and finish, avoiding as ever abrasive products and paying special attention to the golden pieces, as it is by far the most delicate finish: its 24K gold plating is protected by a varnish layer that we should not damage in any way.

In GENERAL we should therefore avoid solvents and abrasive cleaners, using a simple cloth moisturized with water and our ESTAMP knobs and handles will always look like the first day.


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