For many years now, Maderalia has been considered the most important meeting place in Spain for the sector of materials, technology and components for furniture.

This is why we at Estamp could not miss the opportunity to participate once again and for the tenth consecutive edition in this fair, which will be held as always in Valencia, this year from 29 March to 1 April.


We will be exhibiting in our new and spacious stand all our more than 1000 furniture fittings in different materials and finishes.

From among this wide range, we would like to highlight some of the most recent collections that we are already launching to the market.


Round forms produce a sense of calm, SPHERES is a handle shaped to create a neutral and soothing effect on the furniture. Cylindrical and spherical geometric shapes fused together in a subtle design, fitted with slight recesses as a detail. The SPHERES collection seeks simplicity and the warmest minimalism. It is complemented by a T-shaped knob.


Based on the classic shell handle, SHELL is a new interpretation, totally updated to take the leading role in different styles of contemporary furniture. Decorative, with cut and slanted facets that provide a differentiating feature. It is like a carved jewel that, depending on the finish, can shine in the furniture where it is installed. Its shape allows and facilitates a perfect use in its function.

Besides, we would also like to introduce you to some of our new projects on which we will need your opinion:


LINK is an essential handle. Its lightweight shape is originated from a pyramidal base, which gives a settling feel. Its slightly rounded edges give softness to the shape and to the touch. Clean and slender in style, it has a subtle industrial yet modern look at the same time. A handle that works well both horizontally and vertically, it is also ideal for cabinet doors.


A knob with an urban style, a small cylinder, is enough to get the attention on a surface. The NORDIC knob is a minimal but effective opening element, it stands out for its striped surface and its decorative resolution. Its timeless typology can create an appealing link to the door or drawer front. Doubtlessly, it is a knob that fits in all types of furniture.


TRACK is not only a handle for environments and furniture in industrial style. It can transcend any trend and be suitable in different locations, classic or contemporary. Indeed, its straight lines add a great deal of originality to its design, making this handle a very versatile option. It is complemented by a T-shaped knob.


The SPACE handle has an elliptical shape in its section that projects in a straight line, it is aerial and dynamic in space. We can say it is an ergonomic handle, as it fully adapts to human use. Parallel stripes give a fine texture to the grip area. Designed mainly for kitchen furniture, it can also be a plus in modern bathroom and office furniture.

But even more important than showing you our latest creations, we value the opportunity to greet you and thank you for your interest in our products and for all the trust you have placed in our company for so long.

We look forward to seeing you at Maderalia where you can find us on Level 3, Pavilion 1, Stand D27.