Imagine us with a new logo, sharper, trendier.

Imagine us with new products, even more innovative, more adapted to the latest trends.

Imagine us with a new catalog, even more attractive, more functional, with more information and renewed images.

Imagine us with new stands, more suggestive and comfortable to welcome you as you deserve.

Imagine us with a new way to communicate with you, with our new B2B intranet that allows you to place your  orders, know lead times and access all the information you need.

Estamp B2B is an access point to our management and logistics platform for J.J. Vergés customers. This site aims to streamline the most common operations of product query, order placement, document consultation and downloading. It offers a new way of communication with our customers. You can check the status of current orders and the estimated delivery time for each item, stock and lead time by product and range, and see the last activity performed with a quick view to history of orders and issued invoices.

This intranet has been designed and organized to be very easy to use, clear and concise. It can be used from any type of device, allowing an agile preparation of orders and avoiding browsing through menus of categories and subcategories, which are usually tedious and slow. Also invoices issued during the last two years are available for pdf download.

Summing it up, imagine us with more ambition than ever to improve and be up to date in 2023 so that you can see us with a new Image.