At Estamp we seek to offer our customers the latest news in the sector, but always looking for the highest quality and differentiation. That’s why our FLUTED handle has an aesthetic and a unique personality, based on thin slots totally renewed with which we get modernity and a functional texture, completing the ergonomics of its forms offering a comfortable and pleasant touch.

Manufactured in zamak and aluminum, it is available in 3 finishes, brushed anodized gold, matt anodized black and brushed nickel anodized and in 4 sizes, 982mm, 480mm, 320mm and 192mm. In addition, it is also available in 56mm T-shaped knob format.

Also, subject to minimum quantities, FLUTED can be manufactured in virtually any customized size. This makes our FLUTED handle a very versatile modern option that will be able to bring a new perspective and personality to the space.