ESTAMP B2B (Business to Business) has become a fundamental tool for simplifying product management, simplifying order management and providing a pleasant experience.

What is the B2B?

B2B is a form of e-commerce that focuses on business-to-business relationships. Instead of selling directly to the end consumer, companies use B2B to interact with other organizations. In our case, we have implemented a B2B system to facilitate ordering by our customers instead of doing everything manually, which takes more time and effort.

Features of our B2B

1. Ease of ordering

Our B2B system allows customers to place orders quickly and easily. Through an intuitive platform, they can select the products they need and complete the purchasing process within minutes.

2. Verification of current orders

With our B2B, customers can view all information regarding their orders as well as track orders from the time they are placed to final delivery.

3. Estimated delivery times

Our customers can access estimates of delivery times in addition to stock replenishment estimates. This allows them to plan effectively and meet their own commitments.

4. Real-time stock queries

With ESTAMP B2B, customers can verify the stock in real time.

5. Downloading of invoices

Document management is easier than ever. Customers can access and download their invoices for the last two years directly from the B2B platform, including delivery notes.

6. Personalized offers

As a novelty, we have implemented the possibility of making offers directly to your own customer in a personalized manner. This allows us to adapt our proposals according to the specific needs of each company.

In short, our B2B has proven to be a valuable tool for our customers. Ease of use, visibility of orders and customization of offers are just some of the advantages it offers. In addition, at Estamp we continue working to improve the platform with new features, such as new automatic notifications via email, on the availability of products, offering the best possible experience to those who trust us for their business needs.