Industrial Collection

This collection is made up of Flexo, Tube and Rivet ranges, that combine an industrial aesthetic being modern at the same time, with the new industrial bronze and industrial iron finishes, deviced to meet the growing demand in the world of decoration for the classic yet timeless designs. Indeed, as often happens, trends look in the past for items with a strong structural protagonism, but now finished with a very modern rusticity. Besides these features that define the entire collection, each one of the three ranges has its own personality:

Flexo - Industrial Collection

Flexo has a convex shape with two characteristic folds at its ends giving it visual flexibility after its name. It is ideal for sharing space with modern-style furniture built with natural woods of rustic finish.

Tube - Industrial Collection

Tube surprises by its cylindrical shape topped by hexagonal nuts, giving it a very industrial and contemporary look, which fits perfectly with rustic furniture that needs that extra to stand out.

Rivet - Industrial Collection

Rivet has been created thinking of clients or decorators looking for a more continuist classic and powerful feel, but with the 'mechanical' touch provided by the rivets at the edges.

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