At Estamp we have a wide variety of hardware and handles. Different shapes, colors and materials to adapt perfectly to each environment and situation. But in order for our hardware to offer exceptional quality and finish, we continuously carry out a series of tests to obtain the certificates that guarantee that year after year we can continue to offer the highest quality.

Moreover, at Estamp we not only care about offering a quality product, but we are committed to the development of our activity achieving that all these processes, both production and human, are of the highest quality and perfection. Thus we get our customers not only get a great product, but this, is accompanied by great service and a pleasant experience.

European Quality. Product with certified quality.

Quality of product guaranteed. We certify the high quality of the finishes of our metal furniture fittings and, as proof of this, we can ensure that they comply with the resistance standard EN 1670 in its maximum degree.

Certificate of Quality. We comply with the standard of quality ISO 9001.

Certificate of Environment. We comply with the standard of environment ISO 14001.

Environmental Impact. Environment is our concern; this is why our facilities counteract any kind of environmental impact.