In Estamp we remain faithful to our vocation to offer to the market new decoration options for all types of furnitures.

This time we are enlarging the options of colors for our range of crystal knobs and we present the new variants in black and white that are so fashionable at the moment and that now complement the traditional transparent version in which we manufacture our crystal-faceted knobs. Besides, to adapt this collection to any decoration, we offer you these articles in two diameters, 30 & 25 mm and with brass bases in gold plated and bright chrome finishes.


Having been designed for very different types of furniture and, in particular, for chest of drawers, bathrooms and showcases, we have no doubt that in these pieces produced with high quality crystal and perfection, in combination with metals in attractive finishes, you will find the final touch to give your furniture the elegant and refined detail that they need to stand out in all the environments of your home.

And we also have other crystal knobs included in our wide range of crystal items. Discover them in page 97 of our catalogue.